Meet The Hendersons

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Meet The Hendersons

I had the pleasure of photographing Ceri and Craig’s wedding back in July, but it didn’t end there. They invited me to come and take some newlywed images too. 

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We take photographs to commemorate or announce an engagement, to remember our wedding day and to mark other major milestones in life, but have you ever considered scheduling a newlywed photo shoot? Believe it or not, the popularity of newlywed photo sessions has been on the rise the past few years. Wondering why so many newly wedded couples are opting for a post-wedding photo shoot? There are plenty of reasons why brides and their grooms should put serious thought into how they document their first few days, weeks or months as Mr. and Mrs.

One of the reasons why couples are choosing newlywed photo sessions is because they capture him and her in their natural “habitat”. Instead of posing for formal pictures or group shots, a newlywed photo shoot is much more intimate, which means it encapsulates the excitement shared between the two as they embark on the journey of married life. This also allows couples to involve themes and props that showcase the love between them, a mutual passion or something that makes their marriage special. For example, the Hendersons chose to have their newlywed photos taken on Mersea Island, Essex as a way to incorporate their love for the sea and island life.

Another reason why you’ll definitely want to consider scheduling a newlywed photo shoot once your wedding day is over, has to do with all of the things you can use the images for. You can send them out with those ‘thank you’ cards you plan to send your wedding guests, use them when creating your first Christmas cards together or to design beautiful wall displays that show off your love for one another. When it comes down to it, you’ll have photos marking the past, the present and the future of your happily ever after life together as husband and wife! 

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