Bump photography

Pregnancy is, for want of a better word, nothing short of a miracle. Your body is capable of growing another human being within, a precious child who is already dearly loved, though you’re yet to meet them. Your body is changing, and I pride myself on being able to create images which help you to celebrate these changes, from your swelling tummy to your newly beautiful complexion. Lifestyle maternity shoots don’t have to be boring; if you want to pose in your favourite lingerie, I’m down with that. If you want to shoot on location, just tell me where. And if you want something spectacular but haven’t quite decided what, I’m full of ideas that I’d love to share with you. Equally, lifestyle maternity shoots aren’t just about you and your bump – if you have a partner, kids or even a pet who you’d like to capture alongside your growing belly, I’m open to suggestion. Some of the best and most dynamic maternity shoots I’ve created have involved the whole family, or a location or outfit that you simply wouldn’t expect to see in this kind of imagery. Take a look at my maternity lifestyle portfolio to get an idea of what I can offer.

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