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Beautiful prints!
8th May 2018 by maryann in Uncategorised 0 Comments

Photography isn’t just my job, it’s my passion. I studied Photography to degree level, and have trained and honed my aesthetic over a number of years. And still, through all those years, what I love above everything is print. Prints are beautiful. They are heirlooms, they are for sharing, for remembering and for reliving the moment they captured with your friends and family.  When I’m shooting, my focus is capturing moments you want to remember – I look out for memories being made between people that no-one else is seeing, so that, through my work, they can be shared with others. And I truly believe that the best way to appreciate these moments is in print. I offer a variety of post shoot products, including prints, canvases, albums… pretty much any which way you want your prints I will make it happen! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the genius of digital photography and, of course, you will get digital images as well, but I do believe that your memories need to be something physical, not just a digital file stored on a computer only to be lost next time your PC crashes (*wail!*). Fairly frequently, I hear from clients and couples that “we’ll just go for the […]

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