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Why is photography so important to your brand?

Every business needs a brand identity. Whether you sell shoes, yoga or lollypops, who you are makes a difference to your customers – they have to like you, your ethos and get a feel for what you represent as a person not just a corporate entity.  Branding shows your customer you understand their needs. Good branding will represent a feel, is your business fun and lively? Mellow and harmonious? Or crisp clean and clear? The right photography will give your clients a clear feel for your business and reinforce your message to customers who want to buy what you’re offering.  The images you use make you instantly recogniseable. How many brands can you identify just by the style of the photography? Or how many magazines have you put in your basket because you was attracted to the print? Ok maybe I’m guilty of that last one, but I can’t be the only person to have done it. The right photography makes a difference, it makes people see you.  Why am I waffling on about this? Because alongside weddings I absolutely love making your vision for your business come to life. It makes my heart happy to give you a perfectly […]

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