Birth Photography Essex

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Birth Photography Essex

The beauty of birth photography lies in the event itself. The passion, pain and anticipation etched on the expectant mother’s face. Those tender and supportive touches the father gives; and, the crowning glory and priceless victory of finally seeing the child for the first time. Saying that birth pictures are beautiful is an understatement. 

I understand the sentiments of expecting parents of someone taking pictures during these very private moments of their child’s birth; the fears of intrusion into an intimate space. I’ve experienced childbirth and motherhood five times over. Every day I still marvel at those moments as each birth is different from another. And if I had the chance I would have captured and encapsulated those moments with a camera. Now that I am a full-fledged professional photographer, taking on the task of capturing these moments is as memorable for me as that of the parents. Birth photography is just as personal to me as to the parents. And because the event always comes unexpectedly, I am “on call” and will be right there as needed. Birth photography is not financial gain for a photographer but rather a calling in keeping memories alive. It is the love for the job, the experiences and the people I come to know and the privilege of being a part of their journey of parenthood.

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Giving birth is seemingly a hot mess, the pain, and all the gooey and bloody things that come with it. But the truth is, nothing is more empowering, poignant and magnificent than giving birth to another being. Birth photography captures these moments with tact, in a tasteful and dignified manner by someone who’s undergone the same experiences as every mother has. It isn’t just about the mother, father or the child but the journey itself. The small and large things that go with it including tender touches, forceful pushes, supportive hands, endearing glances and joyous outburst. 

With the photographer at the helm of capturing this event, the father can fully focus on being part of the birthing experience. Birthing is an experience that should not be missed by a father, sharing in the labor and joy of it. And if the father can’t be there for some reason, capturing these moments become more precious. 

Birth photography explores all possibilities in capturing these memories for parents and their children. 

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