Dreaming of Teepees

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Dreaming of Teepees

I absolutely love helping other business to realise their dreams with some gorgeous business branding photography and this shoot was no exception.

Teepee dreams specialises in creating beautiful children’s sleepover parties. When the lovely Katie from Teepee Dreams asked me to do the photography for her branding I was so excited!  Being a mum of 5 children, the thought of a children’s sleepover fills me with absolute dread! So to find there are now people that want to help with this? AMAZING! If only there were companies like Teepee Dreams around when my kids were younger I’d definitely have jumped at the chance of someone else to do some of the hard work.

I love how Katie has created so many different themes so parents can really create their child’s dream sleepover!  

Boys can be so hard to cater for. But Katie manages to put together some really lovely themes that are a lot less girly. I won’t stereotype and say they are boys themes – my youngest daughter would love them too! 

But if we are going for super girly then this unicorn theme has to be the winner, how cute is that? 

The inspiration?

Katie was inspired to start this little business when organising a sleepover party for her 6 year old son, Joshua and his cousins. It involved pulling off all the sofa cushions and using every blanket, Pillow and quilt she could find. She says “It got me thinking there must be an easier way. It was a big decision having a 5 month old and a 6 year old but it was the best decision I ever made.” With her previous job being a fitness instructor, this is a huge career change!

I am loving these branding photoshoots right now! So if you are a business owner, in need of some business branding photography and have an idea, let’s have a chat! 

Teepee Dreams is based in Essex and also covers the surrounding areas. More info can be found HERE

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