Winter love

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Winter love

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Themes for Winter

Not sure whether you want to have a photoshoot before you tie the knot? Pre-wedding photoshoots are hugely popular right now, and like the weddings themselves, summer is usually the time that couples choose to do them. 

There is, however, a huge amount of potential for taking some seriously adorable shots even when the sun isn’t shining. We thought we’d take a look at five pre-wedding photoshoot themes that are perfect for winter and will look just as good (if not better!) than anything you could do in the summer months:

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Outdoor shoots aren’t just for sunnier times; wrapping up warm in your woollies and blankets and snuggling up to your betrothed can create a beautiful effect. This shoot works even better if you choose a natural location with golden leaves or even snow in the landscape. 

Pre-wedding photoshoot, Winter love, The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography

Snow run! Show your competitive nature with a challenging twist – running in the snow up a hill, in the woods.

If you’re lucky enough to have snow, use this time to have your photoshoot as the effects can be truly magical. Spend some time running around, throwing snowballs and generally having fun. The best kind of shots show natural fun and smiles as they’re happening, and snow is just the icing on the cake. 

Make snow angels

If running around in the snow isn’t your thing, laying down in it just might be. Snow angels look incredible in photos when the person shooting has the skill to capture them, so be brave and get down and slushy with your loved one. The results will be well worth it. 

Build a campfire

Natural firelight is one of the next-best alternatives to taking photos during The Golden Hour (usually sunrise or sunset) as it creates a beautiful, natural glow. Build a campfire and toast some marshmallows, or simply share a hug with your other half and the images are guaranteed to look stunning. 

Pre-wedding photoshoot, Winter love, The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography

Go for a walk in the rain

Going for a walk in the rain might not sound like your idea of fun on any normal day, but braving a downpour can yield some beautiful results. Whether you choose to be nestled under an umbrella or taking a drenching, photographs taken in the rain will have real depth and natural beauty.  

Pre-wedding photoshoot, Winter love, The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography

Thinking about booking a pre-wedding photoshoot this winter? Why not contact us for more inspiration?

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