Documentary photography…..

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Documentary photography…..

Wedding documentary photography paints an entirely different picture of your big day compared to the conventional, set-up wedding photography shots.

Where one offers carefully chosen backgrounds and posed subjects, the other allows the photographer freedom to move around the wedding, capturing moments rather than set pieces. I’m more than happy to do one, the other or a nice mix of both, however some people ask what the difference is so heres a rundown of the advantages of the less posed stuff –

The freedom that a photographer enjoys with is reflected in the images they they’re able to capture, too. Your wedding album will become a flowing storyboard of your day, rather than a series of snapshots, each recalling a separate memory.

, Documentary photography….., The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography

You’ll end up with photographs of people looking their best, looking natural. There’s no forced posing or potential for awkwardness. Any attendees who are shy or anxious will be able to relax without the worry of having to pose for photographs, and the record of your wedding will be far brighter for having them in it.

With documentary wedding photography, your photographer will be free to roam, to see things that they otherwise wouldn’t have noticed, capturing the grand and minute; the little moments between loved ones, the humour, the interactions and the smiles and tears.

Your photographer can stand away from the action when it matters, capturing images from afar, or get in amongst the throng, photographing the fun and chaos of wedding receptions; recording the real moments for posterity.

The advantages to having a documentary or ‘reportage’ style of photography are numerous. Natural shots, full of life and detail will fill your wedding album, telling the story of your day, and on top of that you’ll be left to enjoy your wedding, without feeling the pressure that conventional wedding photography brings. This alone makes reportage worth considering.

Your wedding will be over quickly (too quickly for most!), so ensuring that you’re unencumbered and able to drink in every last drop of it will become priceless as the years roll by. When you look back at your photographs you’ll see exchanged glances, nervousness, joy, laughter… a collection of raw emotion, woven together.

Those easily missed moments of levity and drama that are usually there and gone will be memorialised forever.

The little things that you might otherwise have missed, as the demands of the day distract you, will be recorded for you, affording you the opportunity to later see your wedding from the perspective of a guest as well as the bride or groom.

The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography is an expert in wedding documentary photography in Essex and further afield. We can travel around the world for you, making sure you get perfect memories of your wedding day, whether at a wedding venue, on the beach, in the jungle or anywhere else your heart takes you…

and of course it doesn’t all have to be in black and white, but for the purposes of this blog post – it looks bloody good, right?

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