Get your tatts out?

19th April 2018 by maryann in Weddings 0 comments
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Get your tatts out?
, Get your tatts out?, The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography

Something brides often talk to me about is their tattoos. Many of us have them now days – some of us are proud of our body art and some of us are embarrassed by the dodgy Chinese proverb we got that time in Malaga.

But even brides who are proud of their tattoos can be keen to cover them up – many couples want their wedding to be timeless; they don’t want to look back at photos and say “what were we thinking?!”

My point of view is this: If you’re proud of your tatts, get them out. (Please note, I’m thinking of arms, backs, that kind of thing – I’m not suggesting you wear chaps to the altar to make sure everyone can see your favourite bum tattoo!)

There’s always a chance that in a few decades you won’t agree with some of your style choices, but so what?

You might fall out of love with your back tattoo, but you also might go off your dress, your flowers, your partner! (Just kidding!) It’s all part of the day and if you love it on the day, I will capture it for you.

Because that’s the whole point of photography – to capture the moment, as it is.

And, hey, if you hate your tattoo already, then we’ll make that work, too – you’d be surprised the camouflage that can be achieved with the creative placement of a bouquet!

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